Building a joint picture of success 

Everything starts with the brief. I have a variety of briefing templates that get us to the real nub of the problem I can help you solve; whether it's pithy copy plans that are tailored to work across all your marketing channels or a toolkit communications strategy that will launch your brand to your audiences with success. I will work with you to identify the task at hand, and what success will look like before we start.

Then I create your one-page plan;  a comprehensive overview of exactly what we're going to do to get to our results.

Then we get to work! I can help support you and your team with the activation of your plans or check in with you to make sure it's working as it should. I provide in-depth, but to-the-point reports that give you headlines that you can share with your team, investors and other stakeholders. 

Each plan I create is completely bespoke, but an initial call after your briefing will give a clearer idea of how much work is involved.

I work remotely from Porto, Portugal and can travel to London and the north of England for face to face meetings as required